We believe in knowing who we’re talking to
We believe that the majority of people perceive marketing to be self-serving propaganda. Knowing this, we strive to craft communications that express real value to customers and prospects, helping them quickly overcome their inherent doubt and cynicism about the advertising company’s intentions. Our approach to marketing communications positions our clients, first and foremost, as trusted friends that their customers can count on to improve their quality of living in some way. In order to arrive at the best solutions quickly, it is important to spend time up front gaining a careful and thorough understanding of the target audience’s preconceptions, wants and needs prior to sitting down at the drawing board. By knowing what customers value, we can formulate the right strategies to connect with them in a way that they consider to be truly meaningful.

We believe in the power of a team
Our clients enjoy being directly involved in the strategic and creative process, and we view them as valuable partners on a winning team. It’s not our way or the highway. We want you to really understand the work we’re doing, and how it benefits you. We want you to be involved, and feel good about the results.

We believe in having fun
To foster creativity, we believe it’s imperative to maintain a fun working environment. For instance, when you call us and it takes the person answering the phone a full minute to stop laughing before he is able to say “Hello, Morris Design”, don’t worry, that’s a good thing.